© Trailblazers-pro - UK: +44 (0)7887 404909  Spain: +34 951230259  Fresh air, fresh soil and a pair of wheels under you has been the delight of many of us. Ever since the motorcycle was invented man has attempted to ride off road. Then in the 1960’s it became fashionable to get a scrambler bike and ride the green lanes and dirt tracks. I remember watching Steve McQueen in the film The Great Escape and said “I want to do that!” Over the decade we have seen the off road machine evolve into the present day super bikes. They are characterised by colours like red, orange, blue branding and we all have our favourites. Here at Trailblazers-pro in Competa we use KTM, these are the main bikes in our fleet. We have enough bikes to cater for groups of 12 riders. These are great machines and we have a variety of engine sizes in 2 stroke and 4 stroke. Have you ever ridden off road in Spain? Fancy having a go? There is something different about the amazing trails we have here in Spain! For a start, the scenery is breath taking. Views of the Sierra Almijara mountain range never fail to impress our riders. Then there is the weather! Clear blue skies, average temperatures in the mid 20c and the unspoilt trails that we use. Our main attraction here around Competa is that our riders all say that the trails are unique and untouched. Over her on the East side of Malaga you will never go over the same trail again, giving you a better off road adventure. Some area along the Costa del Sol are so worn that it just ruins the excitement of riding in Spain. Trailblazers-pro Spain are the only company offering off road motorcycle tours that take you to different locations, use different hotels en route and provide a support vehicle to carry your personal gear. Our prices are competitively price to give you value for money and complete customer satisfaction. Another important thing we just need to mention is that we will not spoil your holiday with us by charging you for any damage to the bikes or gear. Unlike other companies who may land you with a hefty bill, the price you pay us is the price you pay! Check out our website for more details on what we can offer you. Also our excellent reviews!! If you’ve never rode a bike off road but want to try it or even if you have never ridden a bike before but want to try it, please contact us. Graham Ross our main guide with provide tuition at our circuit track and will get you to the level of Steve McQueen. Go on...you know you want too!